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Solicitor/Barrister Comments:

Some examples are as follows:

I write to thank you for the valued assistance that you gave in this case and I feel sure that your tenacity and thoroughness enabled Counsel to put forward submissions in relation to the DNA evidence which most certainly assisted our client. I was very impressed with the way you carried out your investigations on the DNA evidence and cannot thank you enough. If I should need any expert reports in regards to DNA evidence in the future, I will certainly have no hesitation in contacting you.


81: May 2018: R v Neale (Rape, Case Discontinued, Prosecution offered no evidence): "Thank you so much for all your hard work on this case. It was much appreciated by myself and the client. I will be definitely recommending you highly to colleagues, and hope to work with you again in the future. I was very impressed with your conscientiousness and attention to detail."


80: February 2018: R v El Hassan (Explosives/Ricin): "Thank you for you excellent report which was very helpful."


79: February 2018: R v Neale (Alcohol/Rape): "Many thanks for your expertise in this matter. It is much appreciated".


78: February 2018: R v Smith (Explosives): "Thank you very much for your assistance with D's trial."


77: February 2018: R v A (Alcohol/Rape): "...The prosecution have thrown out their toxicology report..." "First of all thank you for all of your help in this trial. I was found not guilty with a unanimous decision after 10 minutes of deliberation this morning. Once again thank you for all of your help in this matter and I wish you all the best in your endeavours in the future."


76: January 2018: R v Douglass: (DNA): "The defendant has requested that we contact you to see if you are available to assist."


75: January 2018: R v Richards: (Alcohol) "Thank you for the time on Friday. Meeting you was brilliant. It was the first time I've really slept since the arrest."


74: January 2018: R v Cunningham: (DNA): Barrister's comment during a trial involving the consideration of the possibility of secondary transfer of DNA (defendant acquitted) "That was fantastic!".


73: 2016/2017/2018: Lawyer Monthly is pleased to announce the official publication of its 2018 Expert Witness Awards. The full edition can now be viewed online. Lawyer Monthly is delighted to once again have the opportunity to acknowledge leading industry experts who have overcome the legal challenges involved in their role and contributed to the legal sector in a tremendous way; not only have these experts reached the pinnacle of their professional career, but they also use their expertise to help solve all-important lawsuits.

Dr John Douse (OGT Forensic Ltd):

Forensic Expert Witness Services of the Year: 2016

Forensic Expert Witness of the Year (Explosives):2017


72: October 2016: In a complex DNA case in Northern Ireland where the defendant, accused of Child Rape, was acquitted: "I am glad that I instructed you [in preference to the recommended expert], your work has provided me with great support over the last three years".


71: August 2016: In a DNA case where the defendant had been acquitted (without the need for her to be cross examined) on a charge of assault by spitting, (made some two years prior to the trial), and where she had specifically requested that I be instructed in preference to experts recommended by the solicitor: "I can't thank you enough for your thorough and relentless work on my case."


70: July 2016: R v International Defence Firm (Where several millions of UK pounds in fines was demonstrated to have been inappropriate and unnecessary): (Accidental Discharge of a Military Rocket Motor). Comment by Managing Director: "The thoroughness of your report and the strength of your case.....", " .....your balanced judgement to achieve this result."


69: July 2016 R v International Defence Firm: (Saving of several million UK pounds in potential fines) Solicitors comment: "I wanted to pass on my thanks for all of your hard work in relation to this matter. The client and we were delighted with your work!"


68: June 2016 R v Sylton Legister: A case involving a seizure of 10kg of cannabis claimed to have been procured for the treatment of a terminally ill 88 year old mother, in extremis and beyond further medical help, as a component of a Jamaican "Bush Bath": Solicitors comment: "What a result! Thanks for your effort. Much appreciated!!

67: April 2016: R v Dogar. Barristers comment in a case where an urgent report was prepared mid trial and where only 4 hours sleep in a bed was achieved in 7 days: "Thanks for all your help on this John. ...I owe you a [drink] for all your hard work!"


66: March 2016: Comment by a defendant's carer in the case of a defendant jailed for life, and where we indicated the willingness to act pro bono as necessary, if required, in appeal/etc proceedings: "I saw ...... again today and told him your response to my e-mail. He said to thank you profusely for such kindness towards him."


65: April 2016: Comment by a defendant (a landlord accused of being conscious of the presence of a cannabis growing operation in one of his rental properties) and who was self funded through both trials, in regard of verbal evidence at the second trial: "It [your performance] was fantastic!"

Comment by the solicitor in the same trial: "It went very well."


64: Jan 2016: Comment by a defendant (marine officer) in a case of the detection of a very low level of a cannabis metabolite in urine (contacted Wednesday, interviewed Thursday, Report produced by Friday): "Again, thanks very much for all your help and fast response, it has definitely been helpful."

Also: "My Union has said that it will independently pursue the challenge based on the content of your report."


63: Mar 2016: In a DNA case (accusation of assault- Scotland) (Subsequently acquitted) where the defendant instructed me in preference to the expert recommended by the solicitor: Defendant: "Even if I have to pay double, I would still prefer to request your services."

Husband of the defendant: "Dr Douse; Many thanks for…all your support, we appreciate all that you are doing for us at this difficult time." Also: "Many thanks for all your hard work on behalf of [my wife]."

Also: "Many thanks for such a thorough report! I am sitting with [my wife] just now and we both agree that this seems a most comprehensive account of the alleged event. Many thanks again!"

Also defendant: "Dear Dr Douse, I want to thank you for your continued help and expertise. I would be lost without it."


62: Feb 2016: Comment by a defendant accused of the rape of a minor and who instructed me in preference to the expert recommended by his solicitor, in regard of the DNA report: "I am just writing to show my appreciation of the report which you have done. I think it is brilliant."


61: Mar 2016: Comment by a solicitor following a Barrister conference in a case involving accidental ignition of a Rocket Motor: "Thank you so much for everything that you did today."


60: Mar 2016: Comment by a defendant in a self represented alcohol drink driving case in regard of the first part of the trial: "Thank you so much for everything that you did today."

Response to her second appearance in a split trial: Contacted for urgent assistance at 23:30, on motorway at 00:30, hotel at 03:30, set up office at 4am, ready to receive brief and provide support to defendant at 9am. (this is an example of the support provided in a semi probono case).


59: Mar 2016: Comment by a solicitor in regard of an application for funding in a firearms (tazer) case: "..I will stress to them how excellent you are."


58: Dec 2015: R v Biddle: Barristers comment: "We were able to significantly reduce the estimates [of the value of the cannabis cultivation operation] to a great extent, thanks to your report."


57: Dec 2015: Comment (exclamation) by a private client at a barristers conference in Bedford Row during a presentation of the analysis of the circumstances of an aspect of a case: "How does he remember all of this?"


56: Nov 2015: Solicitors comment in regard of a report regarding military matters (Individual returned from Syria) (Photos and Videos): "A good report!"


55: Nov 2015: Solicitors comment in regard of a report regarding military matters (Individual returned from Syria) (Analysis of a book for material of military significance): "Spot on!"


54: Nov 2015: Solicitors comment in regard of assistance in a case of accusation of murder regarding euthanasia of a terminal MS patient in extremis, where our observation of the presence and likely influence of prescribed fentanyl resulted in the prosecution reducing the charge to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility: "....You have been so helpful to our case!"


53: October 2015: In a complex DNA case where we were selected by the defendant as his expert over that recommended by the Barrister in the case: "Dr John, I have read the report and I think it is out of this world. Just Brilliant! It was worth the waiting on it!"


52: October 2015: In a private case (one of the new types where the defendant could not afford legal representation) involving a road traffic accident, an accusation of driving under the influence of excess alcohol, and a situation of post incident drinking: Comment by the defendant: "Thank you so much for your guidance and voice of reason, much appreciated".


51: September 2015: In a complex case (multiple attempted murders by stabbing) involving assessment of the likely effects of olanzapine, carbamazepine, alcohol, cannabis and smoking, on the memory of an individual suffering from audiovisual hallucinations and PTSD: Comment by Junior Counsel: "Dear Dr Douse, Many thanks for your report in this matter. Your report has been agreed by all parties and so we will not require you to give evidence at trial".


50: May 2010: Supreme Court Singapore: In a case involving consideration of the use of crystal methamphetamine (chemistry, toxicology, forensic toxicological analysis): The Judge commented at the close of the trial: "Thank you for assisting the Court".




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